By seizetheday

Shabby chic?

Woke at 3.00am with a raging temperature, but too comfy in bed to get up for paracetamol, so dozed fitfully until coming to properly in the morning. The temperature - almost certainly an after-effect of yesterday's flu jab - had subsided by then, only to be replaced by a thumping headache. A couple of paracetamol later, it was business as usual - spent a pleasant hour or so having coffee with Jacqui and Jan.

After a challenging yoga session (where I may have dropped off for a few seconds...) in the afternoon, I accompanied MrM to the tile shop in Alnwick, where he needed to buy some self-levelling screed for the hearth area in the living room. While he bought the screed, I couldn't resist looking round the tiles.

Had hoped to be able to take some photos of the stunning autumn foliage on the way there, but it was too dark. So here you have a display of tiles. We're having some from this range on the fire surround, but they're all brick colour. Not sure about these Parkway tiles - they're a bit too reminiscent of rundown walkways on the London underground. (Not sure the name is inspired by an area of New York, either. A parkway is, apparently, a landscaped thoroughfare.)

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