By dfb24

Just Playing...

...with a new app on my phone that does double exposures. I don’t keep a lot of photos on my phone so the pickings for two pictures to merge were slim, but I ended up liking this one.
I went to see my aunt today—I’ve been trying to go at least once a week—& she seems in good spirits...she’d just had her hair styled. The aide stopped in to ask if she was coming to the exercise class & my aunt said no, because she had company. I told her I’d go with her but she shot me one of those looks that says “ be quiet! I don’t want to go” more clearly than words! After the aide left my aunt said “they make you sit at a table and roll the ball around the top of it! I’m 94! Why the heck should I exercise...to live longer”? It just made me laugh! I really enjoy her company & I love her stories about when she & my mom & their siblings were young. Sometimes she says something that sounds so much like my mom that I feel my mom nearby, & I know she’s happy we’re all watching over her sister. :))

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