In the big city for political activities and the theatre. I might write more later but right now we’re sorting out racism. Bit busy. Lots to do!!

The conversation in the Left party about racism and how to combat it, was both interesting and frustrating. We never get much further really, it's so hard to work out how to move forward when the alt right are not receiving  and are 100%convinced they are right. Offering resistance at work, say,  probably has more influence on the other listeners in the room, rather than the convicted racist themselves. We shared some very nice slices of pizza to fortify us for the walk into town and to the theatre.

My Friend the Fascist was really well done! A musical about politics and beliefs, about letting people in or victimising them and castigating them, and rejecting them. There were some very darkly humourous moments, and some shocking ones involving swaztikas unfurling from on high and hanging on huge red banners, filling the stage. It hurt my belly to see them... a visceral reaction that surprised me. Well worth seeing and I'm thinking about it now.

We had a good afternoon in the art gallery (as in the blip) with Jonna and Gustav, we had coffee and cake as well and then went our separate ways for an hour. We bought a clever, heat-driven fan that will circulate the heat from our wood burning stove, and I splashed out on two switches to add to the cables for the Advent lights. The fan cost a packet, the switches were a bargain. We discussed the new shower that we need to install and discovered that Gustav has relevant skills! Good for us to get some guidance from one who knows. Haven't ticked it off the list yet but if jobs were colour-coded this one would have slightly changed colour now. I have decided on Christmas gifts as well and even wrapped some, so same colour change would apply here. haha - I do NOT do this!!

Now home and doing our blips, over a glass of sherry. So civilized a day, socialising, invites for Christmas eve, political discussions, cultural activity,  a safe drive out and home, a sprinkling of snow and a cosy home to rest in. I am grateful for all of it.

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