By HeidiHH


What do you see?

I see a cartoon dog with an exaggerated jawline.

Today we finally found a place to stay in Madrid, near everything we wanna see. And then bough the train tickets. So next Wednesday morning I'll take the bullet train to Madrid. In Spain they can travel up to 310km/ hour (193 mph). That's why it only takes 2,5 hours to reach Madrid.

It's been very very windy for days. That's why I haven't been swimming. I'm afraid the water is cooling (cool nights) at such speed that when the stormy winds finally pass us the water will be unswimmable.

I've been corking today too. manage to do some animals:

We had late lunch at my in-laws place and had such wonderful chocolate cake. Now I feel like I need more and more sugar. We have no sweets at all in the house. Which is most likely the best solution as I'd eat it all right now.

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