By Shutterup

Flossie friday

This is the only photo taken today (actually, it was officially taken before going to bed after midnight last night)
Another busy day at foodbank.. the new arrangements have now been run by both teams... some take to it more than others and everyone needs to communicate to keep things running smoothly.  The main thing is that people receive the food which is in great need.  Today we had a really young chap come in.. not even sure if he was much over 20.. sofa surfing (read that as homeless) where he felt he was not welcome to use the kitchen.  Who are these people?  It seems to me that if you are happy to give someone a roof over their head it goes hand in hand with them using the facilities.. either by providing food or sharing .. I can't get my head round it.  To make life easier for him we gave him food that needed no cooking where we could do so (microwave rice and pot noodles)

enjoy your weekend

(Shshsh!!.. don't tell Flossie she has a white thing stuck to her nose!)

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