My friend the fascist - tra la la la la

Earlier in the day I pruned a black currant bush and picking the last of the (now frozen) black currants. Not many people have harvested that fruit in November.
I don't like Sundsvall and I don't like aimless shopping, so spending an hour looking around shops in Sundsvall is not my favourite activity. However, we were there early and it was cold and dark outside so it was slightly preferable to freezing half to death.  Maybe that's why I was so amused when I saw this host of small blonde angels, whose purpose in life is to be slowly burned up!
After our shopping trip we joined the local Left Party to go to the theatre to watch a black comedy musical with the rather unlikely title of "My friend the fascist". Like all good black comedies we spent a lot of time laughing and some time feeling rather uncomfortable, sometimes precisely because we were laughing.  The musical looked at what it is in our society that makes some young men (mostly men) make the uncomfortable choice to join neo-Nazi or fascist groups. It suggested that no-one is born a fascist, and disempowering and mocking young men is probably not a good idea.
On the way home I thought about the supporters of Trump, and UKIP and the  brexit party. How many of them were, or felt, disempowered and mocked by the political system?
Personally I have no idea, and all this seems to be getting a little serious so I’ll finish here by writing that Jan and I decided not to buy any of those small blonde effigies. Burning them up in the countdown to a religious festival feels rather a cruel act.

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