By chrisA

I noticed this little Shield Bug on the patio door this morning so gently moved him to the top of the Garden Waste Bin to get a better picture of him and then placed him gently onto a pile of rotting logs.   Hopefully he'll make it his winter home.   
The downfall of having a big garden is the fallen leaves that have to be raked up, I duly started this morning and filled three builders bags, there's lots more to come down but at least it's a start.   Whilst raking up I saw a Peacock butterfly resting and warming itself in the sunshine on one of the leaves (but it had disappeared before I could get the camera) and a Hornet was checking out gaps in the cladding on the workshop.
After a good days toil I went to my son's for dinner and a catch up with them all.    
A little friend catches up with the Shield Bug in extras, I didn't realise he had photo bombed the main one too!!.

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