David J. Rose

By djrose007

What a day, blipmeet as well!

Had a message from KarenC in respnse to yesterdays blip in London. She was coming to London to meet some friends and would be at St Pancras, at the Champagne bar. Yes, I know, no-one is surprised but when I found them she was only having a hot chocolate, honest.
I spent some time with them and was really nice to meet her after years of commenting back and forth (see Karens blip as I can't add an extra using my phone).
I then went to the IWM (Imperial War Museum) and had a very interesting couple of hours browsing around.
Back to the Union Jack Club, cup of tea and a liile lie down.
It had started to rain just as I got back and it steadily got heavier.
Around 4.30 I set off to meet some other riders at The Goat pub but I got off at South Kensington instead of Knightsbridge!
I realised my mistake but thought it wasnt too far to walk it, Wrong!
Plus it was raining quite heavily now and after walking about 2 miles I gave up and just headed for the Royal Albert Hall to attend the Festival of Remembrance.
My big coat had prevented the wet getting throgh to my blazer and leather cut so I was quite comfortable and really enjoyed the festval.

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