Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Just another day?

Photo site or social network?

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I have published 123 entries in a row.
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I have started 9 forum threads and replied 41 times.

I am moderator of the poetry group and feel that I was instrumental in getting it set up. Even though I don't put much stuff in it I like the fact that it is there.

My views:
I wish some people on blipfoto were more tolerant and did not worry about what other people do and just concentrated on doing their own thing. And I wish people didn't worry about views and comments and stars and favourites and spotlights, but just valued the genuine connections that they make with some like-minded people, and the fun and trivial banter with casual contacts that brighten up the day.

I wish that I could have more control over how I can view things on here and see the conversations between people in different formats and have private messaging.

I accept the need for rules and now I am a rule enforcer too, but I do not understand the range of rules here or the mentality of people who report and persecute others. I still miss SparkyMarkie and maintain that he was not given enough tolerance and he was persecuted by whoever it was who felt the need to keep reporting him. I hope wherever he is that he is making his way and is happy. I also miss grasshopper who is just too damn self critical so get yourself back into blipping, missus!

Blipfoto is the social network where I hangout the most (currently!).

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