By LeeAnne

Good decision...

I was supposed to be on the 6pm ferry but decided mid week after looking at the weather forecast (with 40mph winds) that I’d switch to the 9.45am ferry from Port Ellen.

Very good decision given it was blowing a hoolie when I woke up at 6.30am. I was strategic in my closing of doors so that I didn’t have to crawl under the bed to retrieve Pepsi, she was already onto me given I packed most of our stuff up yesterday.

Got to the ferry in plenty time and was shuffled onto the ramp for the mezzanine section which is decidedly odd. Made sure the car alarm was off and away I went upstairs to find a spot to sit. We set sail and as the boat swayed it became clear that no-one else had bothered to switch their alarms off and that was all I could hear. I spoke to the nice man at the cafe and asked if anyone would tell people to go and switch their alarms off and he said no. He pointed me in the right direction for help and the lady there (also a cat owner) took me back down to rescue Pepsi. I took her back up to the cafe with me where she buried her head under her blanket and stayed there till we got almost to the M8.

Back home now and it’s clear we had a lovely holiday but we are both creatures of habit and like our home turf. I’m glad to have taken her with me and whilst she’s probably indifferent about the journey, she made herself at home while we were away.

It has made me feel very strongly about staying in Scotland and exploring another island next year. The peace and tranquility of remote living will take a lot to beat.

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