If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Clickychick decided she wanted some shots of Path Head Mill with autumn colours.  So off we went.  The garden centre we planned to stop at for coffee was having a Christmas Fair and by mid morning they were using overflow parking.  We decided not to stop.  Never mind we thought we can have a late lunch there, after our visit.

Arriving at the mill there was nobody else in the car park.  So we wandered down to reception and met a very helpful informative gentleman who relieved us of our £2 entry fee (concessions otherwise a whole £3.50) ridiculously cheap.  He gave us a laminated booklet so that we could self guide ourselves around.

As soon as we stepped outside he went of to start the breastshot waterwheel for us.  We had a good wander round taking lots of photos then went inside to the gallery which looks down onto the machinery.  High in the walls are windows which owing to the machinery in the way are impossible to reach.  Consequently they have a good coating of cobwebs.  Mono seemed to suit them best.

By the time we passed the garden centre the side road as far as we could see had vehicles parked at both sides!  We lunched in Hexham.

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