I Found The Christmas Elf!

My neighbor (next door) fell today ......  falling into the corner of her dresser. She has some very tender ribs and fortunately didn't break anything.  Since she isn't moving around very well I offered to go out and whatever she wanted, for dinner.  She asked for Pancakes and blueberries.  Off to IHOP I went to get her what she asked for.   While I was waiting for the food to be prepared, I was glancing through the Elf menu.  
      Then my eyes began to wander around the restaurant as I know Elf is famous for being hidden on a shelf somewheres.........  Turned out the Elf was over my head.  I moved around but I couldn't get rid of the glaring light or the shadows.    I decided to post the picture anyway, because it was fun, it had people looking around, and he is adorable.

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