By Bella888

Bull Terrier - “Master of Disaster”

This rare* breed (*assume it is, as never see them) has a mixed reputation.

On the one hand, some years ago, Princess Anne’s pet Florence. killed one of the Queen’s corgis and attacked a maid. And another, Dotty attacked two children in Windsor Great Park.

On the other they are intelligent, fun-loving and good with people, tho’ stubborn and very strong.

So was a little wary to approach this seemingly gentle hunk, only 1 year old. But, reassured he was gentle, I did succumb to his charm.

Coincidentally, within yards was another!

An interesting profile of this hound (“only recommended for experienced owners”) can be found on Wikipedia.

Rushing to meet Mr B after tennis now’s a lot colder ....we can thank our Skandi friends for that

Thanks to ‘hobbs’ and ‘Skeena’ for this month’s challenges.

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