By davidc

MonoMonday: Profile

What could be more dear to a blipper than their camera? (As regards inanimate objects, of course...I thought I'd better say that as my Editor is bound to read this!).

So this is a profile of my trusty Olympus, ready for action - taken on my phone of course: I don't know any camera which can take a picture of itself in profile without a lot of assistance...I guess it could be done with multiple mirrors but I don't have such to hand in our hotel room! I decided that it looked best as a silhouette.

Many thanks to MerrilHope for hosting MonoMonday this month.

(We had a good - if intermittently somewhat damp -  drive from our overnight stop at Tamworth to Macclesfield where we're spending the last night of our travels round the country before heading for home tomorrow.)

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