One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Vomiting Bug, part bleurgh...

Poor Finnzy-Bob. Apparently I kissed him yesterday... 
He woke up feeling very much under the weather. I was in work for a total of 42 minutes. It was well worth the cycle, train, cycle, shower, change into my suit, tying of the dreaded tie. One phone call and I had to remove my tie (yeah!), fold my suit, put on my cycling gear (horror, no Dublin Bikes at this time of the day in the Mistake Factory!), jump onto the dreaded Knackeragua-on-Wheels (Luas Red line), onto the Dart, on my bike and back home. 
The poor Finnzy-Bob was not well at all. But the bout of explosive vomiting did not happen for another hour. He was brave. He had a very thorough brush of the teeth and a shower while I mopped and disinfected the floor (he'd had no time to reach the toilet). 
Then we were able to settle in front of Monsters vs Aliens. There is always a silver lining (to the stomach, as Mr Smith would say). 
Then I offered to leave the house for a few short minutes to go and get the big guns in the war against the Winter Vomiting Bug (extra photo). 
I read a compelling article in the Lancet that proved beyond reasonable doubt something that generations of Irish mammies had instinctively guessed: flat Lucozade is the only effective remedy against the vomiting bug. Fact! But it has to be flat. Flatter than the train ride between Amsterdam and The Hague. Flatter than the electroencephalogram of an X Factor contestant signing his waiver form. Flat Lucozade cures the Vomiting Bug. 
I am now honing my decarbonisation skills. You hang in there soldier! 

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