Border Tails

By Swannie

A tired girl!

I have no idea why JJ should be so tired, when it’s me that’s had a busy day! I was off today, but was up at the lab at nine o’clock as I had a list of all the shifts that I am prepared to cover for the next couple of months. Then back home to meet Fraser, my mentor for another practise drive. He now thinks I’m ready for my mock test!

Mum was getting her hair cut locally this morning and then we met up and went for lunch then a spot of Xmas shopping. After a cup of coffee at my house, mum went up the road and I nipped up to Peebles and bought a new car. I love my Fiesta, but I find it very low to get into compared to the vans at work, so I have signed the paperwork for a Ford Ecosport and look forward to picking it up in the next couple of weeks.

I am off again tomorrow and have not made any plans, so a day of housework and relaxation is on the cards.

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