By KatesGardenPDX

The Last Rosebud

Well, that's perhaps a dramatic statement....almost as dramatic as this blip of the rosebud in my garden! It was, however, a lovely day today....mid 60's and sunny. I managed to putter around the garden for a while soaking in the rays of sun. It looks like rain tomorrow, which is really fine...it's been a glorious run of sunny days...especially for this time of year.

I unearthed my macro lens this afternoon - I've been relying on my new 24-70 mm zoom which I've really been enjoying. It was a bit of a re-learning curve this afternoon so this isn't the best photo I've ever taken, by a long shot. But it is dramatic and kind of fun.

I'm making a lovely Portuguese vegetable soup tonight - it's one we had in many places while visiting the country and I finally found a recipe that seems right. I enjoyed it so much that I'm hoping to recreate it! Enjoy the evening!

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