By jeffpaps


Sorry for another picture of my leg but I could not pass up the opportunity to brag about my bruising. 5 days after surgery and the bruising and swelling from the knee replacement is there in all its lurid beauty. I actually feel I have made more progress today. Although painful I can at least lift my foot off the floor using my quads whereas previously the only way I could move it was by lifting it with my other "good" leg. This indicates muscle strengthening and healing. My family have been good, providing chocolates, sympathy and encouragement. The ice pack after an intensive physio session has also been comforting and provision of pain relief has been ongoing.
Tomorrow i aim to have a shower and walk outside using my crutches.
Grateful for more knee joint movement, for the support and encouragement of family and the opportunity to keep in touch with the outside world using good old social media of which blip us an important part.

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