THamilton - Nature Lass

By TH71_NatureLass

Over the Sea to...


What a cracking wee ferry operated by Western Ferries. No fuss, no drama and frequent sailings no matter the weather - cutting out a rather lengthy road trip!

Was a lovely day of weather too - even is it was a bit choppy on the outward sail.

Just back from a “straight fae” to Mum’s where Mr H and my brother and I finished off the decorating, building and sorting. We all feel just a wee smidgeon accomplished :-)

The drive home almost had me in tears. Happy tears. The moon is so very bright tonight that it was lighting up the fields, and throwing out the shapes of the trees. The stars are all glistening and a frost is forming. Something just welled up. Felt very energising. Must be something primal - like mid summer where you don’t feel tired when it’s light (can recall a midnight hill climb at Hushinish!).

I’m rambling now. Here’s to you all. Peace, love and light xxx!

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