Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


sorry...another collage.....
Back to our “regular” Tuesday with Fiona.  A field trip today to the Museum of History and Industry…it’s such a great building with all kinds of interesting stuff as well as a decent cafe for after school snacks  (I’m afraid the Burke won’t qualify anymore for a great cafe)   and we hadn’t seen the “Beyond Bollywood” exhibit.  Learned a lot about Indian Americans (1 in 10 Americans can trace their ancestry back to India!, 50% of American motel owners are Indian Americans, and  1 in 10 doctors, nurses, dentists, and physical therapists in America are IndianAmericans )
  We also learned how to wrap a sari..these all belong to Seattleites. And of course many stories of how they were treated so badly. 
The favorite room is the top floor with the periscope and wheel…..this view of Lake Union is what the captain saw in front of her, with a few reflections…..

And I just had to include the shiny new bumper and exhausts on our car and the brand new Google building lit up as well as all the south lake Union city trees now.   

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