Scarlett and I went to the beach this afternoon, so lovely.
She started jumping over waves and me, stepping over them.
'Let's go out there.'  As she pointed to the deep.  Hooley dooley.  
Out we went, a couple of mouthfuls (Scarleett of course), much laughter between the two of us and I think I may have taught her a couple of things, we had a great time.  I had to hold her and lift her up over the waves.  Granny needed a rest afterwards.

A kite surfer went out into the water, from the beach, while Scarlett and I were swimming.  He would go out some way and return to the beach before turning around and heading out again.  I thought he was suitable for Bob's Challenge, surrounded as he was not only in the water but surrounded by it as well.

Scarlett is in extras displaying her technique of jumping the waves.
A big thank you to you all for calling by lately and putting up with my tardiness of not responding.  

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