By MsQuizzical

Long Hoverfly

As Ollie dog is still on a strict regime of short walks, no play and no stairs/steps to give her injured knee a chance to heal, we haven't been out in her car. I wouldn't want her to jump into the back of the Volvo. 

We've spent some time down the field with me sitting on my flower bucket again. I then put my macro lens on and we went on a gentle bug hunt. I had almost given up hope of finding any insects when I spotted this hoverfly on a hogweed seedhead. I thought at first that it was dead. I rarely shoot dead bugs. I tickled it with a blade of grass and it moved. :) I think it's a male darker form of Sphaerophoria scripta, also known as the long hoverfly. So called because the abdomen protrudes beyond the wings. 


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