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Smokey 1545 hr (Thursday 14th November 2019)

Calne had its first flurry of snow this morning. It even settled on tree branches in some of the more exposed areas, but was soon rained away. I was stupid enough to go out shopping but Smokey was wise and stayed curled up indoors.
He did come and miaow at the door while I was in the outbuilding completing the arranging and hooking up of all the speakers. It was surprising how warm it was in there, with the halogen heater only on a low setting, thanks to the new carpetting.
Because the 5.1 receiver, TV, DAB radio and blu-ray player have been unplugged for so long, all the customised settings will have to be redone and any problems ironed out, so the next stage will be to plug them in to the mains and go through the menus.

14.11.2019 (1805 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Bob Dylan - Mixed Up Confusion (recorded 14 November 1962)
Bob Dylan (vcl, gtr, har) with Dick Wellstood (pno), George Barnes and Bruce Langhorne (gtrs), Gene Ramey (bass), Herb Lovelle (dr)
From the beginning Dylan was seen as an album artist. Indeed Subterranean Homesick Blues was only his third single in the US and by that time he had gone electric and alienated his old folkie audience. Surprisingly, though, his first single, was also electric, and was released in December 1962. It was recorded during the sessions for The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan but not used. Perhaps it was always intended for the singles market, but it didn't sell and was quickly withdrawn. Until Bringing It All Back Home there were no other musicians on any Dylan record (apart from the same musicians on the B-side, Corrina, Corrina, also on Freewheelin'  but in a different version)

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