Triple Whammy

Or “What the h*** is this”!!!
Why a triple whammy:
1 – it’s a natural abstract for Abstract Thursday
2 – It’s moody enough for Moody Mono November
3 – It’s another EB!!!
Today our new cooker turned up at quarter past seven this morning.  It should have had free installation, but that didn’t happen – snotagram in order here, not that I was too worried as I had organised my own LPG engineer to do the conversion, but the electrics still needed doing.  Did it myself as I actually intended – at least I know it has been done properly.
Replacement microwave (see yesterday) turned up – same fault as first (which has been returned).  Sent snotagram to Panasonic asking advice . . .
Spent most of the day setting up the new cooker, sorting out the new microwave, etc, etc!!  Now totally brain dead!
So what is the blip?
Its an oven rack out of the tall side oven, but what on earth is it for?  Looks like a plate rack, but what on earth would we want to put that many plates in an oven for???  At least it made an EB.  Answers on the back of a ten pound note please – fivers acceptable . . .
Many thanks to Ingeborg  for hosting Abstract Thursday, and Hobbs’s Run for MMN19.
I will try to catch up on commenting etc tomorrow.

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