Orchids in the bathroom

Can you imagine having real orchids in the bathroom ? Of course this Bali climate is good for orchids plus the bathroom is partly open (no walls on two sides, obviously there are high fences around :-) )
For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for always hosting !

Today we went to the beach in the shadow of a fig tree (well, some kind of ficus) and watched the sea and sunbathers and a squirrel up in a similar tree close by. And more swimming (although that was interrupted rather abruptly when a loud alarm and warning notices sounded through the air). Luckily it was a neighbouring hotel having a fire exercise, tsunami alerts are always on our mind and there was an earthquake with initial tsunami alert in the Moluccas just yesterday afternoon.

Thank you so much for all the AT entries, I'll have the results on Sunday as usual. And thank you for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's abstract :-)

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