By Sketchphoto

Scope to Remember.

These tiles were on the city library gates in Salisbury. From the national armed forces day, on such a dull day they were welcome colour and a timely reminder.
I had to go to SDH for a colonoscopy. A previous test gave some concern. The last time I had to visit a hospital was 1962, the military one at Ipoh in Malaya. Time flies and all that. Today, the surgeon and his team were wonderful. First time I have ever seen `inside` my skin. When it was all over i asked the surgeon if i could borrow the scope for the week end and have a play with it on other parts of me ---- no luck, told me more than his jobs worth.
Anyway got home, and then the fun started. The sedation liquids, can`t spell them, started to wear off, and all sorts of odd thingee`s began. Am hoping for a full recovery in the morning. 

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