By Artyfartyannie

Pinus Mugo Winter Gold

Saw it in a garden centre but couldn't afford it. It's a slow grower but will check. I have had Pinus Mugo mops before and although it was supposed to stay small it grew rather large and I attempted to bonsai it just before we left the last property. It looked quite well when we left it. I hope it hasn't been pulled out but once you leave a garden you just don't know what will happen to your hard work.......That was just a thought among many today.
A good day in some ways but not good the wee E was very ill this morning. She woke me in the night to ask me to come into bed with her as she had had a bad dream......Poor wee lamb. Hope she is better now.

Back home via garden centre and then spinning class and I did very well this time which is good as my heart hasn't been in it the last few times.

A lot to sort out both mentally and physically here.........There is always something !!!!!! Sore head so off to rest

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