By TheOttawacker

The Ottawacker Jr. move

Sunday morning and Liverpool are playing Manchester City in a hotly contested league match. And Ottawacker Jr. nails me.

I'd set the scene the previous evening when I suggested that his Mrs Ottawacker might take him to his training session instead of me, as there was a big match on...

He looked me in the eye and said, and I swear this is verbatim, the little bugger:

"That's OK dad, I know that is more important than me."

Six years' old and he is already the master manipulator. 

Well what choice did I have? I gave him a big hug and said "of course not, Mattie, nothing is more important than you, of course I will take you tomorrow."

Nailed me. Absolutely nailed me. 

Mrs Ottawacker is standing over the stove in hysterics. Did I catch a slight smile from Jr? No - not a flicker. He played it deadpan and kept it up till the end. I am seriously, seriously going to have to up my game.

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