Dancing with stick

After a couple of hours of working on a report, I went with S to look at a couple of open homes. In West Auckland. While out there, we went past a painted utility box in Oratia. I stopped and took the photo I've put in as an extra.

Back home and sorted some things before going out to Mission Bay for an early meal at the Mission House cafe/restaurant. The cafe part was very noisy with loud music, and we chose to take a table on the other side, outside on a veranda. An excellent choice, because of being out in the open air, the quiet, and particularly the floor grass show.

Out on the grass 50 -100 m away a group of young people were practising their skills with balls, juggling clubs, strings, and sticks. The premier performer with a stick was the young man in my main photo for today. Like all his colleagues, he made the occasional mistake. Like them he recovered from each mistake by trying again and again. 

They were intent on their own movements, and really didn't interact with the public. Except once. I watched the stick man chatting with a young boy wrapped in a towel, which appeared so caring.

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