By Paladian

McDouall Stuart's Gun

Dated 1821, this is one of the treasures at OGH.  It was owned by John McDouall Stuart - a famous Australian Explorer.  He was the first person to walk (note the word "walk") some 1,500 miles (miles not kilometres) from Adelaide to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory.  And then alol the way back again.

He was an amazing man - a bit of an unsung hero in many  Everybody seems to have heard of Burke and Wills, Edward John Eyre, Charles Sturt, etc., etc..  All of these explorers lost men on their travels, but not McDouall Stuart.  He went on five expeditions all told, and walked many thousands of miles, and didn't lose a single human .life.  It is said that he broke down in tears when he lost a horse.  He died in London in 1866, having returned to the UK to visit his sister.  He was preparing to come back to Australia when he died.

If you are interested in reading more this is the Wikipedia entry.

The gun is a muzzle loading French Charleville weapon, which has been rendered inoperable.  The McDouall Stuart society would love it, but guess what!!  They can't have it.

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