By amandoAlentejo

Tangerine Tango

We've actually had some decent rain today, the ground looks properly wet, it feels reassuring.

Good after church to go to the Adega, seems like we've not been there properly for ages. Couldn't help reflecting that, in many ways, we feel more welcomed and accepted there than in the church... feels disloyal to say so, but honest. Laughing with Zé Maria and the former owner of our Land that they are Catholics, but not practicing, and we are practicing, but not Catholics.

The team came up to make a big apple tart to take tomorrow, and ended up making meringues in the microwave with the leftover egg whites. Not a huge success, they were more like toffee, but eaten nevertheless.

- most of all, the rain
- laughter in the Adega
- Sunday afternoon nap

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