My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Man at work

Backblipped 18th November

And this is the first of our two bonus days! 

Normally we'd be leaving on the Friday however Joanna was coming down for a watercolour course in St Ives over the weekend and said we could stay with her an extra couple of nights! 


So a quick brekkie at home and as we walked out of the house, for the first time this week, we weren't completely battered by the wind! Was so calm (relatively!) to the rest of the week - but golly it was still cold!

And off we headed to Eden!

We've been trying to remember exactly when we were last here (pre blip!) and think we did a couple of visits - one very shortly after it opened in 2001 and then another visit a few years later, so definitely overdue a visit!

Walked all around the outside gardens with Bill. And what a huge difference. First time we were here I don't think they were open and the second they'd hardly grown at all!

Freezing cold but at least dry and a reasonable amount of sun so that made for good views of the biomes. 

Took Bill then went back to car and we had a quick lunch before going round around the biomes.

Another amazing difference in how things had grown - in the Mediterranean biome particularly - though goodness we'd forgotten how hot it was in Tropical one - particularly having frozen all week!

Back to Porthleven in Friday night rush hour traffic - ugh - however Joanna arrived shortly aferwards and we had a lovely evening chatting, drinking wine and eating homemade chilli.

And far too late to bed!!!

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