George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

We is 4 Blip years old

To be honest, we isn't precisely 4 blip years old - on account of Mish came before us, and she did get blipped 1,000 days straight.  And that was right back in 2014.  

Since then, SHE has been super slack, and sometimes we don't get blipped for a whole week.  We knows that's not good enough, and always tell HER to try harder.  But sometimes she does run out of times, and it's a bit like money; you can't print moneys and you can't always make times.  Basically it's taken 5 and a half years to do 4 years of Blip.

It's also HER birthday today, and she reckons she's ever so old, but we doesn't care.

It's really nice of everyone to make comments and gives us stars and hearts, because we doesn't always re...recipro... answer back.  But we does try.

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