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By ajt

Can you tell what it is? and what is missing?

It's a bit unfair this one to guess, because it's broken and something is missing?

Scroll a bit further for details...

On Friday we went to collect this from the tool hire shop. And then we used it on Saturday and Sunday with the remains of three trees. Sadly part way though the Sunday afternoon a bit fell off so we had to stop and give up. The picture you see here is the main body minus the missing bit, which normally bolts onto the rectangular bit in the middle.

More details to follow...

What we rented was a German chainsaw, and we (I) was cutting large recently felled bits of tree into manageable chunks. Sadly on the Sunday afternoon the exhaust system fell off and what you see here is a close up of the two-stroke engine, which you can see because the whole exhaust system is missing!

It was an utter swine to start too, and we spent ages getting the darn thing running, and then it went through petrol and oil like there was no tomorrow. Not something I'd want to do again in a hurry.

The rental place gave us a 10% discount on what we had paid and a 10% discount of the next rental, so if we do need a power tool we would try them again.

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