Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

La Secession

I’m trying to get the last pages for my Mom book of her stuff ready before we go to the island for thanksgiving (remembering my self imposed deadline of Dec 1!)  so today tackled this metal art nouveau lamp which is very interesting.   Given to my Mom by an Aunt and Uncle of hers in Chicago,, it was made in Paris around 1900…there are lots of examples of these 3 light newel post lamps (think big house with wide curved stairway and one of these —gas powered as they were at first—lamps at the bottom on the newel post lighting the room/parlor) This is signed by Paul Engel (1860-1913) a French artist…..I can find lots of bronze metal lamps online but not this exact one.  Sorry there is lots of information that could be had, I’ll have to dig further……..I never even bothered to see that it was signed before.  :-)   La Secession is French and I don’t think refers to the movement in Vienna.   Wanted the photo to show the lights with their glass bead covers but the shadows, and the light and dark were so hard…  took it in the dark with tripod with just the shadows thrown by it’s own lights and decided that made for an interesting picture. (did fuss with photoshop to show up the beads that were overexposed ).  I’m happy one daughter- in-law has her eye on this..

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