A Daily Dose

By suejay50


Goodness me - it is amazing how much 'stuff' one thinks one needs when going on holiday - and how little weight one is allowed when travelling on small airplanes.  I have been trying to  work out how I can fit everything into the 20kg allowance when the camera stuff weighs more than half of that - without the chargers etc etc. My clothing weight allowance is coming down hourly so I guess I am going to be wearing two pairs of trousers, two jumpers and two jackets.  Or end up just paying for being overweight! 
Today brought another great meet up with friends and another delicious meal at a small local cafe, as we won't be able to get together before Christmas.  
I woke up today to a leaky radiator so thankfully the plumber popped in and changed a washer so I am leak free again. Phew! He also sorted out the 'timer' for the central heating which had been playing up.
So, all in all a great day - but no blip done.  Some straws came to the rescue with their twisty lines ballooned.
Camera club tonight.

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