Those magnificent men in their flying machine

They go up and down, up and down all day. 

We've worked at this office - 250 metres from the Runway for 8 years now and I still look up each time a plane lands, or takes off. 

I actually squeal if I'm driving into the office and a jumbo is landing - I am NOT a plane spotter, a Jumbo to me, is something bigger than a Ryanair. 

Today there was a Cargolux in - and while I walked at lunchtime, it was sitting on the runway, engines rolling.  The smell of fuel from the aircraft was wicked. 

It took me back to when I worked at BAe - at 908 every morning a North West Orient cargo plane would land - I would leave my desk at 905, and go and stand outside - next to the fence - 120 m from the runway, and feel the vibration of the wheels touching down.

And then this little putt putt came out of the sky and wobbled around a bit and then dropped down.  

People are brave eh? Imagine sitting in that little piece of metal high in the sky looking at the earth below, and just hoping that the plane stays in the air.

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