Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Connection and relationship

When we look at anything at all around us, we realize how connected it is to so many elements, including people.
As I was cutting my pepper for a vegetarian chickpea meal, I saw how much I relied on so many things for my meal:
- The pepper was grown in Spain by a farmer
- It grew in fertile Spanish soil, ripened by the generous sun and watered, if necessary, by the farmer.
- Then the pepper was harvested by workers
- Transported by a lorry driver in his lorry
-  Packed by more workers
- Transported by lorry far and wide
- Handled by store workers in my local store to stack the vegetable department
- Chosen by me and going through the hands of the lady at the cash-out desk.
- Sliced and cooked by me for a meal shared with someone.

A chain of events all linked to one another creating connection and the reliance on the chain of relationships, even though we don't personally know all those people. We can still be grateful for them to help me get my meal on the table!

30 Days of Perception. Day 22

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