A special celebration

I make collections of silly little things like pencils, coins, pebbles or even pins or clips. I know that one day I will have to throw them out because they take up space and are useless. But I like having them to decorate the shelves and I also use them as bookends.
Today is my 3285 celebration in blipfoto and I have brought you these silly collections to mark the difference with all the photos and comments that I have uploaded in Blipfoto: my daily journals and photos.
Of course, Blipfoto is much more important than my silly little collections.
I know that I will not throw away all the things that I have shared with you in all these years that I have been here.
Thanks to all who come and see my pics and leave me kind comments or just stars or hearts - Very appreciated, really!

Looking forward to many more years in Blipfoto!

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