Feeding time

Grandma D and I have had a child centred day again. We have been on the go since 6 a.m. It's been hectic but lovely. Louie was a superstar at Sing and Sign. He has spent months quietly watching and taking it all in and he is now putting into practice everything he has learned. We went to our favourite cafe and were most disappointed to find it closed as the freezers were out of action. There was a lot of electrical activity going on along that road - very awkward for all the small businesses. We had cousin R. after Nursery and then I had to pick up Maddie from school.  Netball was changed to 4 p.m. today so it was a mad rush to get the girls back to Grandma D's to get changed and have a quick snack. I got them to Netball with 2 minutes to spare. Phew! 

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