Beam me up, Scotty

Or should that be: 'beam me down' ? We met our friends S and J at Jewel at Changi airport to visit the place and have dinner  overlooking  one of Singapore's newest attractions, the amazing waterfall with lightshows and all. It is really big/high see the extra !
And terribly difficult to capture even when you have a good viewpoint!

In any case it was nice seeing this and meeting up with our friends :-)

Thanks so much for all the AT entries this past Thursday, I really liked all your lines ! This coming Thursday we'll be back home in The Netherlands again (we leave tomorrow or rather the day after tomorrow past midnight), the tag will be AT231 and the optional theme will be 'geometric'

Here's the list of last Thursday's specials:
GoranZebuhr    lines and reflections
Tigger101          rainbow crayon wavy lines
JohnRH              lines in all directions
GEO2B                lines and repetition
FotoPlay             lines and unexpected angles

Thanks so much for all the entries !
Now we have a birthday to celebrate (not mine !) and to pack once again !

Thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's hungover legs :-)

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