By CleanSteve

There's nothing like a good scratch

I've been very busy with very early morning starts for some days and today I'm feeling rather tired.

I gathered my wits ready to have a bath and then glancing up from my desk I spotted this heron which is not only common by name but also by its presence in our ash tree at the bottom of the garden. I blipped it a month ago. It likes this branch, but so do the many crows, magpies, pigeons and various flocks of little birds such as goldfinches. Today though the heron ruled the roost, and the other birds kept their distance in the highest of the branches.

I didn't wait like last time for it to fly away. I've learnt my lesson. But I did enjoy it scratching its neck and face. I also now notice that when it does so, the crest on the top of its head rises up rather distinctively. It is always good to learn something new.

I expect I may back blip a few of the missing entries since my Blip Birthday, already two weeks ago.

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