Fishing In The Rain

Having spent the past three days in a flurry of grandchildren and all things associated with the house move of my son and his family, today has been a 'me' day. I got up slowly (I had to - my body was very stiff from all the activity over the past few days :)) but a hot shower and a couple of Ibuprofen had me feeling much better.

Me and my camera time was a given, so I made my way to the river to see if the kingfisher was about. I had thought that the flood water may have receded a little but no, - the opposite was the case! The water was so high that the poor kingfisher's favourite perches were submerged in water, so I only managed to capture him at a distance. And then it began to rain. Heavily. And the flood water went over the top of my wellies, soaking my trousers, socks and feet. This is what I do for fun, to unwind.....  :))

Home for hot chocolate and a dry set of clothing and then a walk to see how the family were doing. All well there - lots of wallpaper stripping going on!

I'll be taking it easy this evening, too, instead of going out to church. It's been such a hectic few days but oh so lovely to have family close by now!

There's a little egret in my b&w journal

and a long tailed tit in 'My Third'

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's EB - you are most kind!

Ann :))

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