By earthdreamer

Buckden Bound

Yesterday was spent hanging out with Forrest, watching the football and the cricket, plus catching up on a few shows and a bit of reading. He was out of sorts too. He hates being sidelined as much as me. But a blobby day was possibly just what I needed.

I woke up early and suddenly felt a need to start writing a story, one I've been letting gestate for a few weeks now - in other words, procrastinating about. I've been sitting on a germ of an idea without being able to work out where to go with it. And then I realised - doh - that I need to start writing the thing in order to find out where the story goes. How could I have forgotten that's how it works. And so I did. The story then kind of wrote itself. I have a beginning, a middle and an end. I now need to join them up, which, in many ways, is the easy bit.

That gave me a huge lift and the energy to get out on the bike. The weather was a whiter shade of grey, low clouds and poor visibility, but no wind and no rain. I cut through the Dales with no pain either. A day of big plusses.

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