Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

In the eye of the beholder

Beauty. This can be interpreted in different ways. MerrilHope, who is hosting Mono Monday , tells us that Kafka said "Youth is happy because it has the ability to see Beauty". Sadly, in our current obsession with artificial beauty through invasive cosmetic surgery and a dissatisfaction with ones own physical merits, I would disagree with him.

Beauty is, however, all around us, but some people never see it. Kafka continues "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old '. Here, I would tend to agree.

Since my cancer diagnosis and inability to do many of the things I once enjoyed, I have better appreciated the beauty all around me.

There is nothing more perfect than the little birds who come daily to feed off the feeders outside our window. There is beauty all around me , in the fields, the garden, the trees and the flowers, and in the simple things that have taken on a bigger importance.

There is beauty in my good friends who have been by my side throughout my illness. Today it is my birthday, something that a few months ago I did not think I would achieve.
Debbie, who has often sat with me during chemo, and carole a great gym friend, came to lunch.

We had champagne and ate throughout the afternoon. Ian looked after us well. I am suffering a bit now, but it is worth it. They brought me lovely gifts and cards. I am a very lucky person.

When I started today's journal , I was unaware that I would write this. This is how I have interpreted Beauty. Thanks MerrilHope for this.

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