We have arrived back in The Netherlands and of course I wanted to look how the garden was doing first. When we left three weeks and two day ago the first cosmos flowers were starting to bloom in the greenhouse. I was expecting them to be all wilted by now but they're still in full bloom with many, many buds as well. As I haven't got any seasonal decoration yet (not a Dutch habit to start with Christmas decorations so early, generally Christmas decorations won't appear until after St Nicholas Day/Dec 5) I thought these might do for an un-seasonal take on today's Tiny Tuesday theme 'seasonal' :-) I did notice the little green spider too. With thanks to Debbi/Dbifulco for hosting Tiny Tuesday in November.

I think the jetlag (or rather the time-zone difference of 7 hours) may hit within an hour or so , I also noticed from my photographs today that my hands weren't very steady today. It will all be solved with a proper and long night's sleep, I'm sure

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's mono and all the Blips during our holiday !

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