All part of the story

By Treshnish

An unexpected gift

The alarm went off early this morning as the sheep had to be fed, dogs walked and we had to be away by 7.15.  The days are noticeably shorter now - we had driven across the island before it felt like it was getting light.  

I left S at the market to put the lambs through while I went off to tackle the errands list.  I got most things we needed (and some we didn't) and headed back to the market once S was through the ring. The tiny lambs fetched more today than some of our best lambs 3 months ago, but we only had 10 to sell. 

Off next to get some creosote treated fencing posts to fix the broken down fence from last week's gather.   We have never been to this place before, only ever ordered over the phone.   The woman who runs the business turns out to have an extraordinary healing gift.  She picked up, without him saying anything, that S suffers from back problems and offered to fix it.   He then mentioned that I was suffering from a bad back just now too, and she offered to do mine.  Half an hour later we left, with the order for the fencing materials complete, the back of the trailer full of posts and our bodies feeling more than a bit different.   I have never received healing in an office situation before - with different people coming in and out, whilst the receptionist types away and chats to everyone.  Almost bizarre but no one else seemed phased by it.  As if it was only a surprise to us.

What an extraordinary woman - she had treated several other customers already that day. She was extremely intuitive and her healing hands were both gentle and strong.  It was all very unexpected and I feel like we both received a very real gift from her. 

A good sociable winter ferry journey back to Mull as it was getting dark.  

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