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 .............. Tuesday235  (TT235)  -  thanks to Deb for hosting with the optional challenge of "Seasonal"  -  here we have a couple of dried autumn leaves that I have had in a box since last year and just rediscovered!!

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Much excitement looms in the BB household - well, it does for me anyway - I have just ordered a new custom-built computer - sounds really flash but it worked out around £100 cheaper (for much better spec) than one "off the shelf" from a number of well-known suppliers. 
I've had my present PC for almost nine years and it uses Windows 7 but support for that finishes in January so I decided to bite the bullet now (and be dragged kicking and screaming) and head towards Windows 10.

A lot of research went into this - many hours online - watching the little blue circle spin and spin and spin ..............  so slowly.    

Stumbled across this company in W Yorkshire who will build exactly what you want - the website was very easy to navigate - it starts with a basic build price,  pick a case, up pops the price, pick a processor, price increases, pick a motherboard, up go the £s again and so on and so forth right down to even choosing a mouse if you want one etc. etc.

My tech knowledge is very basic so more time online (very slow again) finding out what each component does and how it affects performance.

Picked all the bits and pieces I thought I wanted/needed and then gave them a call (which they invite you to do for help and info) - spoke to a very helpful young man (Zaiyn) who laughed with me instead of at me (lol) and who walked me through the whole thing again explaining why I couldn't have this, should have that and so on.   Seems I picked about 70% of the right stuff and he tweaked the rest.  

For those in the know - amongst other things I'm increasing RAM from 3GB (yes, I know, horribly slow) to 16GB (hopefully no more wheel spinning to watch), the processor will be Ryzen 5 2600 Hexa core, 2TB storage HDD and 512GB SSD and seven USB ports. DVD writer, sound card, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and a VS-350 power supply cable.   It comes with built-in anti-virus and Win10 (aaaargh).
Zaiyn's verdict - "compared to what you have now, Anni, this will be blisteringly fast"    Yay.

Build time is 12 - 14 business days and delivery free - three years warranty on labour, 12 months on parts.

I feel a mixture of excitement and trepidation - so much so I have ordered a "Windows 10 for complete beginners" book - 270+ pages to help me through the kindergarten stages    :o))

Because of all this research I have, once again, fallen behind with posting and FlowerFriday sprinkling - sorry, sorry!

~ Anni ~

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