Urban Fox

Gritty urban fox
Trotting over ancient brick
What do you search for?

To Évora, bought a window, but not a door, electrical conduit and boxes, cement pigment, Advent booklets, but not a bus ticket, and some deep red tights. 

The fields looked glorious in the autumn light, vines yellow and red, glowing green grass, speckled with flowers, swirly golden trees along the edges. 

Except for a swath of hillsides, bought by an American, apparently, denuded to plant endless rows of something irrigated, chemically fertilized and fumigated.

- all the land that still is farmed well, or left wild
- Choupana, and André and his dreams, may he live them out
- fire blazing, husband frying up cheese and tomatoes with garlic and green beans...

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