Constant Exposure

By constant

Form Vs Function

If you've seen the show "Monk" then you'll understand that this picture would drive Adrian keenly insane.

And this is not a modern art museum piece but rather an Ikea display located right near the restrooms. I was going to try to get some weird angle shots but I was getting lots of funny looks so I didn't hang around.

As I sit at my computer tonight Kim is giving me a blow-by-blow commentary of "Dancing With The Stars" that she's watching in the next room. I haven't "seen" the show by I could shoot-the-sh*t at the water cooler with the best of them.

This week for my evenings I've been using Wordpress to set up a blog. Spending a lot of time learning the quirks of CSS. Fun but challenging. Makes one appreciate how simple and easy it is to use Blip.

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